Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

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Single IP Removal Process

First enter the suspected IP address to check the status in our DNSBL's.

If you are listed and do not yet have an account, create an account or if you already have an account login to make a removal request after you've stopped the spam source.

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Q) Is this the FusionZero DNSBL?

A) Yes. FusionZero was rebranded to 0spam some years ago but many of the older configurations still use FusionZero.

Q) My email was blocked by 0spam, why?

A) 0spam does not block emails, we provide a report on senders based on spam trap triggers. Mail servers may be configured to bounce, delete or place mail that is flagged by 0spam in a spam folder.

Q)Why is my email blocked?

A) Email may have been blocked based on its 0spam reputation by an email provider that you sent to. You should contact your IT or email provider in order to resolve the listing.

Q) How do I unblock my email address?

A) 0spam does not block or list by email address, our services list reputation codes based on IP or URLs.

Q) How long does it take for the removal request to be processed?

A) Our system automatically processes all removal requests within 20 minutes. In some cases a request may be flagged for manual review and may take up to 48 hours.

Q)What blacklists am I on?

A) Our DNS Based lists can be queried here or you can search a large list using the the MultiBL tool at here: Full DNSBL Check

Q)Why is the IP of my [large provider name] listed on 0spam?

A) We do not offer any special treatment based on size of organization.

Our system works in the following way:

  1. We have several methods for detecting spam emails with a greater than 99.997% accuracy, including:
    • Email sent to our spam traps
    • Flagged several times by our network users as spam
    • Machine learning algorithms identify email as spam.
    • list removal request are ignored
  2. The sending network is notified that they are a spam source and they need to resolve the issue.
  3. The IP is listing in our database with date/time and email subject, which can be queried from the main page at
  4. They can remove the IP at any point at no charge here or a verified IP owner can setup a Notify services account which grants them the ability to have a 24 hour buffer in order to manage IP's before they are listed in our public DNSBL.

The biggest issue is that many larger email providers allow free users to share server IPs with paid users, so the free users abusing their network prevent the paid users from sending email because the source IP is a spam source.

It is highly recommended that you find a provider that does not offer free email services or if they do, limits them considerably to make using their network for spam unappealing or they use outbound filters to stop spammers on their network which will prevent your valid emails as being flagged as spam.

Q) How is the 0spam project supported?

A) is funded in the following ways:

Q) Is this dnsbl service free?

A) Yes. DNSBL service and removals are 100% for free for all uses; commercial, non profit and personal. We do have a paid notification service for IP providers that wish to remain diligent about abuse within their network.

Q) I use {company} for my company email and it seems that the IP I am on with them is blacklisted! The blacklists are not related to any message that was sent by me. Is there anything that I can do?

A) This is a good question, unfortunately some larger providers are not proactive in preventing abuse of their email systems.

You should contact your email service provider and have them address the abuse coming from email server IP's that you are using. We do not make exclusions for any service provider regardless of size or name. Any provider sending spam will be listed.

One issue is that providers offer free email services that allow for abusive behavior from the same IP's they provide to clients with paid services. You could look for a provider that does not do this and has dedicated IP's for validated customers or does not offer free email services at all.


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