How to remove your IP from the 0spam(Zero Spam) project DNSBL?

The 0Spam project is supported by donations from great people like you. Donations are used to improve support and functionality of the platform.

Single IP Removal Process

First enter the suspected IP address to check the status in our DNSBL's.

If you are listed and do not yet have an account, create an account or if you already have an account login to make a removal request after you've stopped the spam source.

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How to remove your IP from the 0spam(Zero Spam) project DNSBL

Request Types:

Removal - For reporting a fix on your server and requesting it be removed from our black listing service.
You must provide an explanation of what has been done to make sure we do not receive reports of spam from your IP Address/Range in the future. IMPORTANT!
You should verify that your system is not compromised or open to relay.
You should Check your IP with other black lists at the complete DNSBL check.
Verify that your dns records are setup properly, an example of a proper dns report should look like this.
Other - Other reports that do not apply to any of the above or if you would like to support the 0spam project.
Service Request - 0spam provides premium anti-spam services, please use this option to request premium anti-spam.


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