IP Notification Service

What is the IP Notification service?

A notification is sent to you each time an IP address you are approved for is found to be sending spam. Once notified you will then have 24 hours to resolve the problem before its listed in the database as a spam source.

This is not a white list. It does not exclude you from being listed, instead it allows IT administrators to take responsibility for a network and in doing so they are granted 24 hours to resolve problems.

Abuse of this service will result in your IP notification status being revolked without refund.

IP Notify Service, Pricing: Lifetime Access

$50 per IP
$500 Per Class-C IP Block $1000 for up to 255 IP's on more than 1 IP block
$2000 for more than 255 IP's on several IP blocks

In order to utilize this service you will need to Create an account or Login if you already have one in order to use this service.