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Request Form

Removal Requests sent via this form will be ignored, use the removal request on the home page.

Reasons to use the request form:

  • Removal request form is not working.
  • You are having issues with the IP Notification Service.
  • You have a question about the service.
  • You run an antispam service and would like access to our raw data.

Read before you make a request

Removal requests on this form will be ignored, please use the IP management tools to make removal requests.

Common questions:

Why was my IP listed?
If you query your IP address is will generate a brief report about the date/time and subject of the email that was flagged as spam by our system.

How long do listings stay on 0spam?
IPs remain listed until a valid removal request has been made since many poorly managed IPs and IP blooks are also spam sources.

I keep getting listed on 0spam, why?
You can be flagged as a spam source for several reasons, including: infected computer on your network is sending spam or malware, compromized user account, non compliant newsletter or mass mailings to non verified recipients, compromized email server, open relay, and so on.

How do I get removed from 0spam?
Follow the instructions on the home page by entering your IP in the form, then click "Check IP".

When will my IP be removed?
IP removals are batched and generally removed within a few minutes. If an IP remains listed please check the IP to verify it was not relisted by checking the timestamp in the reason for listing. If an older listing is not being removed you can submit a support request by including the words "research request for {your IP}" in the request details box. Anything else will be ignored.