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The 0Spam project is supported by donations from great people like you. Donations are used to improve support and functionality of the platform.

Single IP Removal Process

First enter the suspected IP address to check the status in our DNSBL's.

If you are listed and do not yet have an account, create an account or if you already have an account login to make a removal request after you've stopped the spam source.

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Stopping spam at the source since the year 2000. Let us help your inbox achieve 0 Spam. DNSBL | 0spam Spam Trap Primary Database Network Black List | Spam Source Networks, high volume of spam trap hits in a Class C block will result in network listings in this DNSBL. URL Black List | This list contains the IP address of domains found to be in the source of spam emails found in our traps.

Would you like to remove your IP address from

This is completely free service for you to remove from But to prevent abuse of the 0spam network, you are limited to 1 free IP removal per 2 hours.

Please fill the below form and click submit to remove, or you can sign up and subscribe a plan to get better services to manage your multiple IP addresses/IP C class blocks and your domains and also to request multple removals without limitation.